Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Three Florida universities in "top 10" in nation for enrollment

Wikipedia ranks the University of Florida as number 3 in student enrollment in the US:
University of Florida is the third-largest university in the United States, with 50,912 students (as of Fall 2006). A sidebar notes 34,612 undergrads and 15,081 grads.
[Ohio State is rated as the largest university.]

Wikipedia ranks USF as number 3 in student enrollment in the state of Florida:

The university is the third largest in the state of Florida (after University of Florida and University of Central Florida), with a total enrollment of 44,891 for the 2007 academic year. A sidebar notes 34,036 undergrads and 8,359 grads.

UF, UCF, and USF are all in the top 10 for enrollment in the nation as of 2006.


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