Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scandal at WIPO over (alleged) faked credentials of director-general

Kamil Idris, director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO] has moved up his departure date from 2009 to 2008 amid accusations of faked documents and credentials.

The AP reports that there was "an internal [WIPO] report that said Idris had claimed his year of birth as 1945 when he applied to join the agency, then changed it to 1954last year.

The earlier date would have helped him get his first job at WIPO in 1982 and subsequent promotions until 1997, when he landed the post of director-general at the agency. The later birth date could have enhanced his retirement benefits, the report said. Idris denies the allegations."

AP also noted "that Idris made differing claims about his qualifications when he applied for jobs.

Idris' 1982 application said he obtained a master's degree in international law from Ohio University in 1978. But Jessica Stark, spokeswoman for the university, told the AP Idris attended from Sept 12, 1977, to June 10, 1978, when he received a Master of Arts in African Studies.

Idris later issued a statement saying that he received a Master of Arts in International Affairs at Ohio University, omitting the reference to a law degree originally mentioned in the 1982 job application."

Hmmm, is there due diligence at WIPO? And, Ohio University again...

IPBiz has noted other "faked job resumes," including that of Trump's E. J. Ridings
[Resume of Trump's E.J. Ridings questioned ]


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