Monday, November 19, 2007

Environmentally well-designed houses in Princeton area

Anne Neumann of Princeton Borough designed an exciting tour given on November 17, 2007 of environmentally friendly homes in the Princeton area.

The exterior, southern exposure of the "envelope house" on Great Road.

The interior of the glassed in southern exposure of the envelope house.

Various factors are used to generate an air-flow within the outer envelope of the envelope house, which air-flow reduces energy demands.

Separately, there were homes included on the "Self-guided Green Home and Garden Tour" with solar panels (including those on Hawthorne Avenue and Moore Street), with one home featuring lower efficiency (but lower cost) amorphous silicon solar photovoltaics. George Cody, formerly a scientific advisor at Exxon Corporate Research Laboratory and an expert on photovoltaics, was present on the tour and at the later reception at the Greenway Land Trust's Johnson Education Center.


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