Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Does political expediency overcome plagiarism?

IPBiz notes the text of a letter in "voice of the reader" of the newspaper "The Southern" relating to SIU, Poshard, and Wendler:

A new stadium to extend the beauty of the campus, followed by the addition of support facilities for students and academic programs, and a realignment of the core path of the university will add both dignity and function to our world.

We begin today to bring the plan into focus by overcoming years of little to no maintenance. I can think of no negative element of the plagiarism issue that comes close to matching the benefits of the campus plans for the next ten years.

As President Poshard made known the good news, I was struck by two deeply held impressions.

Poshard is the right man to bring those plans to fruition. He is an accomplished solver of problems and mover of people. There is a second name that comes up.

Walter Wendler had the vision of a Delyte Morris and the courage to knowingly inject Saluki Way and Southern at 150 onto our agenda. He knew it would bring objection from students and faculty alike. Dollars are hard to come by and someone will get squeezed, but in the long run, the end product will not only yield better facilities but take us a step closer to realizing the most prized goal of all - a more distinguished university. That is what Southern at 150 was all about and both Wendler and Poshard deserve our eternal thanks.

[letter by Marvin Kleinau]

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