Friday, October 05, 2007

Use Patent Buddy with caution

There is a website patentbuddy that allows one to look up particular patent attorneys. The information available is that of the USPTO attorney roster. Sadly, I got no response when I entered names of two real patent attorneys.

PatentBuddy states: Patent Buddy include histories of all law firms, corporations, universities, and government agencies in the United States going back to 2001. In the near future, the histories will go back to 1982.

Inspection of the Patent Buddy database reveals that it is a mindless transposition of data from the PTO attorney/agent roster database. Here's what one gets for Pennie & Edmonds LLP:

Pennie & Edmonds LLP
Number of Attorneys/Agents: 8
1155 Avenue Of The Americas
New York NY US 10036

Those "in the know" understand Pennie & Edmonds LLP ceased to exist several years ago. One of the eight attorneys listed by Patent Buddy for P & E is one S. Leslie Misrock, ATTORNEY / Reg. # 18872, Phone 212-790-6428, indeed once "the" attorney at P&E but one who died before P&E dissolved. Barry D. Rein is also one of the 8 attorneys (reg. 22411; phone 212-790-6546).

***UPDATE on 11 April 09-->

from the internet on April 11, 2009:
Get insider information on Pennie & Edmonds LLP careers and hiring


Blogger Patent Buddy said...

Dear Mr. Ebert,

Thanks very much for your constructive comments regarding You have identified a couple of problems that we must solve with the data. We know that Pennie & Edmonds, along with some other firms listed, went out of business. However, the people still associated with those firms have continued to maintain their associations with these defunct organizations at the PTO. This indicates to us that they are no longer practicing before the PTO. We are working to represent that in the most accurate way.

Don't give up on us yet. We've been in beta less than a week.

Janal Kalis
Patent Buddy

10:24 AM  
Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

Somebody from San Jose was going to post a comment on the Patent Buddy post on 25 June 2008, but didn't finish.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Joseph Scott said...

Dear Mr. Ebert,

What a different a year makes. The USPTO data has more than caught up with P&E and their attorneys. has implemented full social networking capabilities and expanded attorney/agent profiles.

We received rave reviews from attendees at AIPLA last week.

Give us another try.

Joe Scott

6:08 AM  

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