Monday, October 29, 2007

Schlafly: The Patent Act is a Cheat on Americans

Phyllis Schlafly, demonized by Jaffe and Lerner in Innovation and Its Discontents, has a piece in Human Events which includes the text:

A combination of foreigners who make a business of stealing our intellectual property, and the multinationals who want to avoid paying royalties to small inventors, have ganged up to get Congress to do their bidding. The battle is going on behind closed doors between the corporations with highly paid lobbyists vs. the small inventors and businesses who produce 40 percent of U.S. innovation.

Of post-grant review (opposition):

The act would create post-grant review, a process that would enable patent infringers to challenge the validity of a patent after it is issued without going to court, thereby making the inventor's ownership vulnerable and reducing his ability to attract venture capital to produce it. The big winners would be the multinationals with lots of lawyers.

IPBiz notes that if we go to "first to file," we must do something with the administrative law judges....


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