Thursday, October 18, 2007

Princeton fog

Looking at this fog over the Princeton Battlefield on October 18, one is reminded of the fogginess on the New Jersey stem cell bond issue, and on the fogginess of arguments over patent reform. At least in Princeton, the fog lifts.


Blogger little j said...

nice pic though :)

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Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

The October 24, 2007 issue of US 1 had a story (by Barbara Fox)touching on the NJ stem cell bond issue vote, although otherwise concerning stem cell advocate Wise Young. Bond opponents were divided into "fiscal" opponents and "ethical" opponents. The article mentioned the work by Joesph Seneca of Rutgers predicting that $450 million would gnerate $1.4 billion in new dollars and $71.9 in state revenue. IPBiz has questioned whether any patent royalties would ever be achieved in New Jersey or in California. The US 1 also mentioned a lecture by Richard Axel, Nobel Laureate and inventor of the infamous Axel patents of Columbia University. His talk at Princeton was on Scents and Sensibility. The US 1 also had an "interchange" piece by Win Straube, who had been described in
a different US 1 as "the economist and patent law attorney who has devoted the latter stages of his career to developing office centers around the world "staffed" with state-of-art business technology."

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