Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Investigation of research fraud at Monash University in stem cell area

Californiastemcellreport had some recent posts on the investigation into research fraud in the embryonic stem cell area at Monash University.

One Australian newspaper began the story this way:

Monash University is investigating a $1-million stem cell research project formerly led by world-renowned Melbourne scientist Professor Alan Trounson.

The university is examining anomalies in interim findings from the lung regeneration research conducted in its labs with public money, News Limited newspapers say.

Prof Trounson, who was recently appointed to run the world's best-funded stem cell program in the US, was the main investigator of the Monash project. A team of about 13 scientists studied how stem cells might help slow lung disease in cystic fibrosis sufferers.

AND made a clear statement at the end:

Monash University spokesman Tim Mitchell said the investigation into "possible inconsistencies" was continuing.

"There is no suggestion of research misconduct by Prof Trounson," he said.

CIRM seemed to be on top of this issue. CIRM was NOT on top of the Cha duplicate publication issue, failing miserably on due diligence in that area. The grant givers of CIRM may not have been on top of the reality of the Cha proposal, which amounted to human SCNT.

There has not been much coverage of Trounson's role with ESI, somewhat relevant to Trounson's CIRM job in light of the fact that ESI gave up on embryonic stem cell research.

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