Monday, October 01, 2007

Barker attacks Ebert

Clive Barker on Roger Ebert:

“[Ebert’s] a pompous, arrogant old man, and he’s not going to stop us from making games or enjoying them or… making them art,” Barker said in the podcast.

PSXExtreme had written:

The saga continues, as the Clive Barker vs. Roger Ebert debate has escalated to the point of blatant name-calling. If you weren't familiar, Ebert sparked a firestorm amongst the gaming community earlier this year when he said video games could "never be considered art." Afterwards, at the Hollywood and Games Summit, Barker shot back and refuted Ebert's claims, which caused Ebert to issue a clarification. Unfortunately, all Ebert did was say games held more traits of sports than of art, and that didn't really help matters.

Lawrence Ebert in his earlier years


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