Friday, September 21, 2007

Sun-Times runs quotes critical of Poshard/SIU: Poshard survival at issue?

The Chicago Sun-Times included the following text in discussing the plagiarism allegations against SIU President Poshard:

"This is very damaging to his [Poshard's] status as a person on campus who all the students can look up to as an example of integrity in academic and personal life," said Charles Lipson, a University of Chicago political science professor and author of Doing Honest Work in College, a guidebook used at hundreds of schools nationwide. "I don't see how he can survive this as a leader of a university."

Margaret Soltan, an English professor at George Washington University who earned her Ph.D. at the U. of C., called SIU a "laughingstock" on her University Diaries blog.

"Things were looking up for that university, but now, with the Poshard case and all the others, I think they've suffered a serious setback,'' she said in an interview.

Terry Clark, a member of the executive council of the faculty senate and chairman of the marketing department, admits the school has to "address some image issues. It's not good.''

The school's response hasn't helped, some said. The SIU board of trustees has known about the allegations for months; chair Roger Tedrick has publicly defended Poshard. Although the chancellors at the school's Carbondale and Edwardsville campuses were accused of using previously published work without proper attribution, neither faced significant repercussions. A school committee said former Carbondale chancellor Walter Wendler committed "intellectual dishonesty," but Poshard specifically said the findings were not the reason Wendler was asked to later step down.

On Sept. 21, the SIU Daily Egyptian noted:

Despite two accusations of plagiarism against SIU President Glenn Poshard, the Board of Trustees reiterated its support for the president on Thursday [Sept. 20].

After a board meeting in Edwardsville, chairman of the board Roger Tedrick said Poshard was hired two years ago because the board had confidence in his ability to move the university system forward.

"He has done nothing to undermine that confidence," Tedrick said in a statement.

The Belleville News-Democrat noted:

Under Poshard's contract, he can be fired from his $291,764-a-year job as president of the university system if the trustees decide his actions draw disrespect to the university.

The deal permits the board to oust Poshard for any conduct "that constitutes moral turpitude, or that would tend to bring public disrespect, contempt or ridicule upon the university."

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