Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Should SIU conduct the Poshard review within SIU?

The SIU Daily Egyptian has an editorial on Sept. 19 titled "Get Your Tickets," which includes text that a fifth grader could figure out that an evaluation outside of SIU was needed.

One commenter said this issue is not one of plagiarism, but of fairness.

A different commenter stated that no real university would handle this via an internal committee. IPBiz recalls Harvard handled the Laurence Tribe incident (and other plagiarism matters) via an internal group, and Boston University, after being told by Stanford of the King matter, reviewed the King matter itself. Of course, at SIU, one is dealing with the SIU president, which complicates things.


Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

One thread got into a discussion of an attribution by the SIU DE.

IPBiz notes it is worthwhile to note what The Chronicle of Higher Education (THOMAS BARTLETT)did report on 14 Sept 07:

The [Poshard Ph.D.]dissertation contains several examples of what might be called classic plagiarism: Passages are lifted verbatim, or near-verbatim, with no citation given. In one instance, a 68-word passage from another source is used without quotation marks or citation. The two passages are identical except for a single word change: Mr. Poshard substituted "a" for "another." In another example, an 80-word section, also missing quotation marks and citation, is taken from a source with only a few minor changes, such as switching a verb from "has been" to "was."

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