Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Political experts get political facts wrong?

On page 30 of the Sept 5, 2007 issue of the newspaper "U.S. 1" (Richard K. Rein, editor; rein@princetoninfo.com), one has an announcement of a panel discussion "Fast Track or Train Wreck? The 2008 Presidential Nominating Process, Eagleton Institute of Politics" which includes the text that 2008 is

the first election without an incumbent president or vice president on either ticket since 1928

Where do they get this stuff? IPBiz had posted on June 17, 2007 the query What about 1952? in response to Bruce Mehlman's gaffe on the same point. In 1952, none of Eisenhower/Nixon and Stevenson/Sparkman were incumbent presidents or vice-presidents.

It might seem US 1 might need some better proofing. The same could be said for the Stanford Law Review, which asserts Gary Boone invented the integrated circuit within its confines.

One wonders how panelist Congr. David Price voted on H.R. 1908. In fact, Price voted against HR 1908.


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