Saturday, September 08, 2007

Is the world tougher on Turkish plagiarists than on SIU plagiarists?

In one of the earlier SIU plagiarism flaps, then-SIU-administrator Wendler defended himself by saying "one cannot plagiarise oneself." Flash forward to September 2007, and a variety of Turkish physicists have gotten into trouble characterized by the journal Nature because they “plagiarize the works of others or contain inappropriate levels of overlap with earlier articles.” [bolding by IPBiz]
The punchline: copying one's own earlier work without attribution is an unacceptable practice, and the folks at SIU ought to recognize this.

As a separate matter, the Turkish problem evokes the Cha/Kim matter. The Chronicle mentioned the Nature expose: Nature quotes Mustafa Salti, a graduate student at the Middle East Technical University whose name was on 40 of the problematic papers, defending his work: “Most of our papers have been published in the science citation index journals. Until now no one has claimed that we plagiarize.” The issue of publication in a "science citation index journal" came up in the Cha/Kim matter, wherein the initial work was published in KJOG (in Korean and not indexed) and then re-published (in English) in Fertility & Sterility (indexed). An employee of Cha fully understood that this had happened.

Meanwhile, SIU continues to fumble the ball on the Poshard plagiarism matter. The Sun-Times reports:

[Fernando] Trevino was forced to consider creating a new committee after members of SIU's department of educational administration and higher education -- which granted Poshard's degree -- turned down the job. Poshard had asked them to review the paper last week "to advise me on corrections necessary to make this dissertation consistent with the highest academic standards.''

But on Wednesday, the department told Poshard it preferred not to do so, and suggested a committee with broader academic representation be appointed, SIU spokesman David Gross said.

Meanwhile, the Southern Illinoisian has a plagiarism quiz.

Question #5 is a direct poke at Wendler's "one cannot plagiarise oneself."


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