Wednesday, September 12, 2007 for sale

A Sept. 12 press release announces in paragraph 5: is up for sale at The starting bid is $10,000, but is expect to sell well above that price given that almost 19,000 unique visitors a month are gained by the site through free search engine rankings and links across the Internet.

In addition to the point about site visits, there is also a point related to Google's PageRank:

Since 1999 has provided individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs with information to help them understand all areas of intellectual property and to become better consumers. In fact, leads the charge to inform individual inventors of invention submission scams. Indeed, if you type "invention submission" into Google, Yahoo or MSN,'s "The Truth About Invention Submission," a detailed expose and warning, is the first page that appears in the free rankings.

IPBiz has discussed PageRank:


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