Monday, September 17, 2007

Goodell on NBC on Sept. 16 about Patriots' videotaping of Jets

The interview with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on NBC (Sept 16, 2007 at 8pm eastern) seemed to indicate that the penalties against the Patriots were for rules violations involving old-fashioned technology, videotaping. Goodell did NOT talk about radiofrequency issues.

HANK GOLA of the New York Daily News stated:

As Patriots fans were giving Belichick a rousing standing ovation before last night's game against the Chargers last night [16 Sept 07], NBC reported the Jets probably will ask the NFL to look into the Patriots' use of unauthorized radio frequencies. There have been reports the Patriots were wiring their defensive players' helmets to pick up the quarterback's audibles, a practice that could be especially beneficial against no-huddle offenses such as the one the Jets were using.

Furthermore, although Goodell, during the 16 Sept 07 interview, declined to discuss Belichick's argument that his videotaping was allowed, Gola did discuss it:

That was the crux of Belichick's argument - that his "interpretation" of the rule meant he could not apply the video data on that particular day.

IPBiz notes that this might explain why the topic of the Patriots' forfeiting the Jets game is not coming up. The rules violation, as to videotaping, did not impact that game. The "radiofrequency issue," which Goodell did not discuss, might be a different matter, assuming the charges are accurate.

MARK FARINELLA of the SUN CHRONICLE mentioned the radiofrequency issue:

Back on ESPN, Mortensen said the commissioner is also expected to issue a memo to all 32 NFL teams to reinforce existing rules about radio frequencies in use by the teams during the game.

Some teams have complained that their sideline headsets regularly go out in games against the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. This past week, the league office also questioned team officials about four radio frequencies they were utilizing, three of them suspicious.

Farinella also got into audio issues:

NBC's Andrea Kremer also reported Sunday that the New York Jets have asked the league office to investigate accusations that the Patriots trained high-powered microphones at their defensive linemen as part of the effort to steal signals in Sunday's game.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald mentioned:

[Charley] Casserly claimed that along with videotaping opposing coaches, the Pats are allegedly jamming the other team’s radio signals.

NBC commentator Chris Collinsworth criticized Goodell's decision:

"I think Commissioner Roger Goodell blew this one. Bill Belichick should have been suspended without question. The violation of the league rules occurred in this football season and yet the punishment hit only their wallets and future draft choices. There is nothing that impacted this season. He should have been suspended for at least the Jets game because that's where the violation occurred and, in my opinion, a playoff game. This was a great opportunity for the Commissioner to lay down the law like he's done with the players and he didn't do it."

Goodell made clear that he was looking more to future deterrence than to punishment of a particular past infraction.


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