Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Daily Iowan" gets it wrong on cheaters

In an editorial titled --The care and feeding of cheaters--, the Daily Iowan compares the Patriots/Belichick matter to the SIU/Poshard matter, and seems to come out more favorably to Poshard:

Poshard has reacted to the allegations openly and with acceptance of their seriousness, and he has aggressively sought their public dismissal. Belichick has turned up his nose at the press upon questioning, preferring to talk instead about his opponents and, in doing so, simply encouraging further speculation. Whether both end up guilty of the accusations made, it should be remembered that where there is smoke there is usually fire.

IPBiz has been discussing both matters, and finds the analysis of the Daily Iowan to be flawed. IPBiz will be returning to this. In the meantime, note SOME relevant IPBiz posts-->

On the Patriots:


On Poshard:




Blogger Tina Boyer said...

You have this right, I believe, spot-on. Amy

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