Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another cornfield swastika near Trenton, New Jersey

JACK KNARR wrote in The Trentonian on Sept. 25:

Authorities are trying to find out who cut a huge Nazi swastika into a picturesque corn field here just off Hankins Road near South Lane, along “the last vista left in Washington Township,” one resident said.

“Oh, God, this is the third time!” exclaimed Esther Everett, mother of Richard Everett, the West Windsor farmer who rents the fields from Bryce Thompson Realty.

Mr. Everett was dumbfounded to hear that someone had once again desecrated his fields — hand-cut, over several acres. The last swastika was 130-by-130 feet.

“You’re talking a lot of work,” he said. “That’s not easy. If he’s that ambitious, I’ll give ’im a job!”

Everett said the dirty work had been done on fresh fields.

A youthful hate gang calling itself “The Crew” in North Hanover, Burlington County, did a variety of no-jail “punishment” after authorities charged in 1996 they had terrorized area African Americans by carving a swastika in a Mansfield cornfield, throwing dead animals on porches and eggs at houses, and spray-painting “KKK” on Mary Street.

One of the “Crew,” 20-year-old Ryan Kennedy, was the son of North Hanover Deputy Mayor and Police Commissioner Pat Kennedy. Another gang member, Jeffrey Harvey, 22, was the son of town clerk Elaine Hinkle.

ALEX ZDAN wrote in the Trenton Times on Sept. 25:

This is not the first time the cornfield bordered by Hankins Road and South Lane has been de faced. A 130-foot-square swastika was carved in the field in July 1998. And a bigger 600-by-600 foot ver sion of the Nazi emblem was found in a nearby cornfield at South Lane and Hankins Road near the West Windsor border almost a year later. No arrests were ever made.

The newest swastika was discovered Friday [Sept. 21, 2007] by a State Police helicopter, which stumbled onto the cut-out during a maintenance mission. Police say it covers several acres.

IPBiz had earlier written of the Nazi bunker in Hamilton, NJ.



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