Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wade mucks up Hwang parthenogenesis story

Further on the story of Nicholas Wade about the parthenogenesis angle in the FIRST paper by Hwang in Science, in a version titled Within Discredited Stem Cell Research, a True Scientific First (NYT, A16, 3 Aug. 07), Wade neglects to mention the SNU report of May 1, 2006 (which concluded parthenogenesis had occurred) and Wade also states:

Dr. Hwang seems unlikely to get much scientific credit for developing
embryonic cells via parthenogenesis because he said in his 2004 article
that he had done tests showing that parthenogenesis was unlikely. He also said
he had removed the nucleus from every egg, which he could not have done in the
case of the egg that developed parthenogenetically.

Hmm, can anyone think of counter-examples?


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