Thursday, August 09, 2007

More academic plagiarism

A story in the August 9 Birmingham News begins: Jacksonville State University officials are investigating other newspaper columns that appeared under the byline of school President William Meehan after a second instance of plagiarism was brought to their attention.

As a separate matter, the article notes Meehan's column, "Town and Gown," which appears in the Jacksonville News, is ghostwritten by Al Harris, the university's retired news director, and other staff members. One recalls there was a lingering issue of "ghostwriting" in the the Laurence Tribe plagiarism matter.

Separately, Nature has an article about a German economist, specializing in environmental science and technology, who has apparently committed serial plagiarism.
IPBiz notes, that with the economists writing about patent reform, the typical issue is false statements, though the "copying" (without any due diligence) of the Quillen/Webster voodoo math is also a problem.


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