Monday, August 20, 2007

Looking for commentary from Greg Aharonian

In trying to reach Greg Aharonian about his comments on US 6,049,811, LBE noticed that the website still is citing to the FIRST paper by Quillen and Webster on patent grant rate [paper - Continuing patent applications and performance of the US Patent Office - [PTO is issuing about 90% of the applications that are filed] - by Cecil Quillen Jr. and Ogden Webster, August 2001]

Even Lemley and Moore had given up on the first Quillen/Webster paper in 2004 when they published "Ending Abuse..." Now Lemley (and Sampat) are pretty much on line with the numbers Robert Clarke presented in 2003.

One wonders where Aharonian is on this? Aharonian made a big deal of the USPTO (allegedly) missing prior art on US 6,049,811 in the form of a paper in JPTOS, but it sure does not look like Aharonian has been reading JPTOS in the last few years.


The site insearchofabrilliantwhitecloud has some discussion of Aharonian. HOWEVER, note that Aharonian, as of 23 Sept 07, still has nothing to say about his missed prior art on patenting movie scripts AND nothing to say about the goofy "prior art" on page 144 of Jaffe and Lerner's Innovation and Its Discontents. Silence is NOT always golden.


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