Thursday, July 19, 2007

The origins of low quality patents?

IPBiz noted the following July 18 comment on Patently-O:

Yeah, I just saw my costs per application going up and my fee cap staying the same.
The Intel/HP model of $3.5k attorney fees per application was bad enough (bad enough that we fired clients like that), but now I have to spend time doing a prior art search and EXPLAINING it to the PTO. Bugger that!
Landon (from a very quick scan of their site) charges $110/hr to search. Whereas I charge $250/hr to write the App. So for every 2 hrs of searching I give up 1 hour of writing time. Which means I am 1 hour closer to a malpractice claim.

One wonders "how good" a patent application one gets for $3,500?

Separately, of continuation "abuse," recall an interesting list of continuations by Intel.


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