Friday, July 27, 2007

More Mashelkar

India's The Economic Times brings back the past in an article titled: Remember the Mashelkar panel report? and points to current issues over the resignation of R. A. Mashelkar.

The article states: Government officials say they are waiting for him to correct “inaccuracies” (plagiarism) before they consider the report. Dr Mashelkar, who has not responded to repeated reminders from the government, says it is no more his responsibility to re-submit the report.

The article also states: The report had lifted three paragraphs in its conclusion from a 2005 paper authored by a research scholar Shamnad Basheer. Basheer’s work was commissioned by UK-based Intellectual Property Institute and financed by Interpat, a Swiss association of major European, Japanese and US research-based pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis.

Faced with charges of plagiarism and pro-MNC recommendations, Dr Mashelkar resigned from the committee in March. Government, however, insists it is Dr Mashelkar’s responsibility to re-submit the report. “Once the report was submitted, it doesn’t make any sense for him to resign. That’s why we didn’t even take cognisance of that. Since he says report contains technical inaccuracies, he should correct that and re-submit the report,” says a senior government official.


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