Sunday, July 22, 2007

Camp Olden in Hamilton, July 21-22, 2007

Another July and it's Camp Olden in Hamilton.

LBE did get to hold a Spencer carbine, and talk to some people about East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg in July 1863.

New Jerseyans should recall that the First Brigade commanded by Col. John B. McIntosh included the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (Miller and Brooke-Rawle) AND the 1st New Jersey Cavalry Regiment. The 1st NJ held the skirmish line at Brinkerhoff's Ridge on the night of July 2. Just before 1pm on July 3, the 1st New Jersey was ordered to take the position of the 5th Michigan and the 1st Maryland was sent to the area northwest of the Lott house. A few minutes after these events started, the tremendous artillery firing started on Seminary Ridge preceeding "Pickett's Charge" and was heard by all the Union troopers. Shortly after the Michigan Brigade began to move to the left flank, the units started to receive fire from Confederate artillery on Cress Ridge. [see] In action later in the afternoon of July 3, the geocities account gives credit to the 1st NJ for the wounding of Wade-Hampton: Captain James Hart of the 1st New Jersey, posted along the Low Dutch Road, also charged into the Rebels. It was one of his troopers that engaged Gen. Hampton in a saber duel, which resulted in a serious wound to the General's head, causing him to leave the field.

Geocities summarizes the significance of East Cavalry Field:

For those who say Gen. Stuart's attack was too late to have helped "Pickett's Charge" it must be stated that Gen. Gregg's forces was the cause of Gen. Stuart not being in the rear of the Union Army when he planned to arrive there. The skirmishers of the 1st New Jersey Cavalry, the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry, and the 5th and 6th Michigan; and the charges of the 7th Michigan and 1st Michigan were the reason that Gen. Stuart was delayed.

Coincidentally, the beginning of "Pickett's Charge" and the charge of Hampton's and Fitz Lee's men were only minutes apart at 3:30 p.m., what is known as the "HIGH WATER MARK OF THE CONFEDERACY."

For a different account, see

Wikipedia has an account:,_Third_Day_cavalry_battles


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