Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will the original Cha manuscript to Fertility & Sterility ever be made public?

Resolution of the Cha matter could have been relatively quick if either Lee (who submitted the F&S manuscript alleged to have been plagiarized) OR Fertility & Sterility (who received the manuscript) would have produced a copy of the manuscript so that the list of authors on the manuscript could have been viewed. Neither Lee nor F&S have ever produced the original manuscript.

As IPBiz wrote on April 7:

The long and the short of the last two points is SIMPLE. Someone (Dr. Lee or Fertility and Sterility) should produce the initial copy of the manuscript (so that one can see "who" the AUTHORS were. Separately, someone should produce the agreement signed by Dr. Lee with Fertility and Sterility to see if "no prior publication" was part of the agreement.

Kim himself suggests that the manuscript has not been shown to Kim: Why Cha and DeCherney don't present the first manuscript to me or to prosecutors in Korea (I have asked FS to show me the evidence many times but so far no response) If, hypothetically, Kim IS a named author, he would have a right to see the manuscript. That F&S (apparently) won't show Kim the manuscript suggests that maybe Kim's name is NOT on the manuscript as an author.

Although the californiastemcellreport writes about If It Can't Stand the Light of Day... , they have not been talking about things hidden in the Cha matter, or about Loring's patent application on stem cells. Separately, recall the Cha-RMI CIRM grant concerns human SCNT, the same topic as that involved in the fraud of Hwang Woo Suk.

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