Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spin coherence in C60

In the area of fullerenes (specifically C60), one has a recent report on an indirect measurement of spins (“Room Temperature Electrical Detection of Spin Coherence in C60” in Physical Review Letters).

Curiously, as economic justification for this work, there is no discussion of fullerenes, but rather one has:

“Semiconductors are quite important, and organic semiconductors offer uses in the future. Organic light emitting diodes and solar cells are examples for applications,” Boehme explains. “These devices will contribute to energy conservation, so their energy efficiency is very important in both. If we can determine what the energy efficiency limiting processes are, and how they work, we can make new organic light emitting diodes and solar cells more efficient. This could be of great importance.” (...) “Traditionally, spin measurements were made with magnetic resonance,” Boehme says. "This is difficult in thin film devices since you need a great number of spins to even see their presence with magnetic resonance."

**Separately, see the recent statements of Sir Harold Kroto at


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