Sunday, June 17, 2007

Billboard takes up patent matters, the N2IT affair

Patent matters, and patent reform, hit Billboard on June 16, 2007 in an article entitled LEGAL MATTERS: SCRATCHING UP PATENT LAW which included the text:

N2IT is asking a federal court in Los Angeles to force Native Instruments to take its new product, Traktor Scratch, off the market. Kurosh Nasseri in Washington, D.C., has worked with N2IT for several years. Nasseri, a lawyer whose clients include top dance-electronic artists, producers and DJs, says he was excited when he first saw the invention.

The article also states:

While it [pending legislation] doesn't focus on the examination process (which experts say would be difficult to define in legislation), it creates a "post-grant" process to challenge a patent. This procedure would be held before an administrative law judge, and the claim could be filed only by someone who would suffer harm if the patent were enforced.Hearings on the bills are still ongoing, so there's time for
digitally minded music executives to check out proposed reforms.

Of patent reform, see

Getting the Patent Reform Wars on Track


Getting the Patent Reform Wars Back on Track

and of oppositions, see
Post-Grant Opposition: a Bad Idea


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