Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life is tough on Mill Hill in Trenton

The Trentonian of June 26, 2007 offerred a different spin on the crime in Mercer County business discussed in an earlier IPBiz post.

Rather than simply trying to make a city look safer than it really was, the Trentonian's "Shot Down in Mill Hill" reported efforts to make a mugging in an upscale neighborhood look like a more common (but "isolated") street crime.

Thus, the Trentonian noted that the official press release of the incident stated a 31 year old man [whose name is Ramsey Lynch] suffered a nonlifethreatening gunshot wound. Furthermore, the Trentonian itself on Sunday said that the gunning stemmed from some dispute earlier in the day elsewhere in the city, based on an [untrue] report by police investigators. [sort of a Trenton business as usual event?] A police captain called the shooting an isolated event.

The nonlifethreatening gunshot was a shot through the kidney. Separately, Joe's Mill Hill Saloon was hit with a stray bullet. As a result, some musicians and DJs told Joe's owner they were NOT coming back.

On the facing page to the Lynch story was a headline "Police looking for clues in Cluck-U riot," describing a riot of some 300 people and the shooting of one person.

Of different "news," there was a re-enactment of the last ball thrown during a Dodgers game at Ebbets Field, with Danny McDevitt and Joe Pignatano present. No word if there will be a 50th anniversary event, which will occur September 24, 2007.

***UPDATE on Mill Hill

from the Trentonian on Saturday, 31 Oct 09:

An East Brunswick woman in the city to visit her sister was abducted and thrown into an alley, beaten and raped only steps from her family member’s Mill Home home, police said yesterday.

The attack occurred about 9:30 Thursday night, just after the 42-year-old woman had arrived in the area of Jackson Street and Greenwood Avenue in the city’s upscale Mill Hill section.


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A new story on this topic, "After shooting, Mill Hill back to normal," is up on The Trentonian's Web site,, this morning.

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