Sunday, June 24, 2007

Journal-Sentinel discusses anti-patent reform positions

An article by KATHLEEN GALLAGHER titled UW group opposing patent bill;
Research foundation says proposal would weaken rights
includes the text:

"Let's face it, the biggest drivers of this (patent reform effort) are Dell and Microsoft. When I sat there and listened to big companies talk about how these little entrepreneurs were unfairly bullying them, it was one of those things you listen to and ask, 'Is anybody buying this,' " said John Neis, senior partner of Madison-based Venture Investors LLC.

When Ted Kennedy said: --otherwise, "it comes down to who has more lobbyists."-- it became apparent that Congress does NOT view patent reform as something which, on an objective basis, has a "right" answer. It's a collision of interest groups, with legal academics not distinguishing themselves. The allegation of a 97% patent grant rate will be remembered as a low point in credibility of legal scholarship.


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