Monday, June 25, 2007

Hwang Woo Suk in privately funded lab in Yongin

The Biloxi Sun Herald (but not the californiastemcellreport) carries a story about the return of Hwang Woo Suk to the laboratory:

Hwang gained worldwide fame in 2005 for his claimed breakthroughs in cloning human embryos and extracting stem cells from them. In fact, he had done no such thing. It was, according to prosecutors, a "fraud unheard of in history."

An embarrassed South Korean government charged him as a criminal and stripped him of generous research funds and lavish perks, including personal bodyguards.

Now, Hwang - booted from the country's top-ranked Seoul National University - and about 30 loyal researchers have moved to a private lab outside the South Korean capital of Seoul to resume their work, details of which were revealed to The Associated Press.

"We knew that was not the professor Hwang we knew," Kim Sue, one of Hwang's chief researchers, said during a two-hour interview, the only one scientists connected to Hwang have given since the scandal. "That's why we told the professor that we wanted to work with him again."

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