Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can you spot the Martian?

Lurking below is one of the Martians who invaded New Jersey back in 1938, at a spot near Princeton University and Congressman Rush Holt's district office. Scarred by bulletholes for nearly 70 years, it's easier to see in winter than in mid-June. Do you see the Martian?

A plaque was put up on the 50th anniversary of the invasion -->

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In 1938 when Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds scared the bejesus out of the United States, the Martians actually landed, as reported on the radio, (according to the blog below) right near Congressman Rush Holt’s Princeton, New Jersey district office. Give or take a mile, it seems to me. But that’s close enough for government works.

IPBiz notes, for the record, that Congressman Holt's office is just west of Princeton Junction. If one crosses the train tracks (on the road which is the extension of Princeton's Washington Ave.) and immediately goes north, one will arrive at Grover's Mill in short order (curiously at the intersection with Clarksville Road, last train to Clarksville?) Separately, if Holt, or any other New Jersey congressman votes "for" the current patent reform bill, that congressman should have his head examined. At least IPBiz knows Issa and Rohrabacher won't be voting for the bill.

As a separate point of trivia, "60 Minutes" on June 24 documented the movements of Andy Rooney's used car into New Jersey, where it was finally sold for $6K more than the $10K that Rooney got for it. No wonder lawyer Brad Benson is in the car business.


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