Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ticket blitz furor in New Jersey: crush 'em like bugs

The Star-Ledger reports on a nexus between the Corzine crash, Carton/Rossi, and a possible ticket blitz in New Jersey: It all began on the airwaves Wednesday [May 2, 2007] afternoon when the Jersey Guys -- Craig Carton and Ray Rossi -- discussed anonymous postings on the State Troopers Fraternal Association's password-protected Web site threatening a "ticket blitz" against motorists. They said the bloggers complained the state trooper who drove Gov. Jon Corzine's SUV was being blamed for the April 12 crash that critically injured the governor.

The incident actually took Carton and Rossi off the air:

David Jones [president of the state troopers union] claimed the broadcast has prompted motorists to challenge troopers over routine stops, thus potentially endangering the officers. In retaliation, he threatened to make public the home addresses, licenses and motor vehicle models the Jersey Guys and all of their station's executives.

"I'm going to make sure everybody knows who they are, where they live and what they do," said Jones, who held a single sheet of paper listing Carton's particulars in view of reporters as he made his comments.

That move prompted Carton and Rossi to cut short their radio show yesterday. After a 20-minute interlude filled by rock music, the pair announced they would be leaving the air so they could return to their homes to protect their families from the threats of Jones, whom Carton called "a maniac."

The Star-Ledger also noted:

"This form of intimidation and extortion is reprehensible," said a statement from Andrew J. Santoro, Millenium's chief operating officer. "We are requesting a full investigation from the New Jersey State Police and the Attorney General's office regarding this serious abuse of power."

Jones did not return a message left for him at the Fraternal Association's headquarters, and he did not pick up calls to his cell phone last night.

The Bridgewater Courier-News presented even more graphic text.

Jones was quoted: "I'm going to release the names and addresses of these people and then their sponsors, and all of the car dealerships and everybody else that sponsors that show is going to have to deal with the reality that they're putting public servants and the public in general in harm's way, and I'm going to make sure that everybody knows, until they get their act together, who these people are, where they live, what they do and how it is that they're misleading the public and creating this furor."

Jones threatened to "crush" the people who leaked the anonymous posts to the media.

The anonymous posts called for police to "hammer everyone" with traffic tickets, except for fellow police and their family, in response to perceived criticism state troopers have faced since Gov. Jon S. Corzine's auto accident. Gannett New Jersey reported on the message board posts Thursday. Police officials have said they would not tolerate a ticket-writing campaign.

The Courier-News also stated:

"If guys, be they troopers or not troopers, choose to vent on a blog board, that's their right, and that's a board that's supposed to be shared," Jones said. "A couple of cowards obviously compromised it, and when I find out who those Girl Scouts are I'm going to crush 'em like bugs."

Jones said the very idea of a ticket blitz is "nonsense, it has no validity, it's not happening," but said motorists are now arguing more with police over tickets.

"People are immediately becoming confrontational as to the lawful authority and to the probable cause that happens with why these stops are taking place," Jones said.

In a different area of revenge, Don Nelson and the Warriors eliminated the Dallas Mavericks. Thursday's [May 3] win marked the 10th victory in the last 13 meetings for Golden State over the Mavs. Does this have anything to do with Nelson's past history with the Mavs?


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