Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still more plagiarism in Ohio!

Recordpub writes: According to media reports, in 1999 Jack Herman got hold of a copy of the play "The Reluctant Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes" written in 1992 by David Belke, of Edmonton, Alberta, renamed it "The Unexpected Return of Sherlock Holmes" and produced it with the Tree City Players and several other groups.

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Cheating, plagiarism in Ohio; Washington DC

IPBiz query: If a referee of a scientific paper uses information gained from a review of that paper, performs experiments using that information, and then publishes based on those experiments without attribution to the reviewed scientific paper, has plagiarism occurred?

In a different vein, icwales quotes Dr Christine Urquhart, senior lecturer in information studies at Aberystwyth:

“It’s certainly a problem that’s crept up. It became apparent when these children came to university and some said ‘This is what we did at school. What’s the problem?’. I’m amazed by how little even some postgraduate students cite their sources.”

IPBiz notes that THAT was a problem in the Ohio University plagiarism scandal.

The icnet piece also had:

Dr Hayes said she supported the idea in principle. “Plagiarism in schools is a concern,” she said. “With young children they are looking for information and when they find it they reproduce it. You then go on and realise the difference between other people’s ideas and your own.

One recalls the matter of the sign "plagiarism saves time" at the Hooters in Orlando.


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