Monday, May 07, 2007

More on Cha, Kim, duplicate publication, and plagiarism

Further to the earlier discussion of the inadequate treatment by the LA Times of the Cha "duplicate publication" matter, here are some additional thoughts to contemplate.

The PhD thesis of Kim, currently in the Korea University Library, only shows two authors: Kim and Kim's supervisor, Prof. Jae-Seong Kang. Only two. NO ONE at CHA played any role to be listed as author in the PhD thesis. SH Lee was there when the three referees were evaluating the thesis. If she thought she or Cha should have been listed, she could just say so during the evaluation. However, she said to the referees, "Of course, Dr. Kim has done everything except for DNA extraction." [Information provided by Dr. Kim.]

The LA Times has reported this as if there were only two publications: KJOG and FS. However, the material in KJOG came from the thesis of Kim, which has only two authors. Even if the "theory" that "a common author" between KJOG and FS removed plagiarism concerns (it doesn't), that "theory" can't account for the copying from the thesis into FS, which two publications have NO COMMON AUTHORS. There are plagiarism issues and there are copyright issues. Sadly, this story probably will get no traction.

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May be Google can help to filter all the duplicate publication and plagiarism? I have a feeling that they already on their way to implement it.

Google, Please Filter This

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