Friday, May 04, 2007

Jersey Guy/ticket blitz flareup makes NYTimes

The NYTimes reported on May 5: By yesterday, the brouhaha ended up in the lap of the New Jersey State Police commander, who met separately with the radio hosts and with the union president, who is an active trooper.

And a spokesman for the state attorney general, who oversees the state police, said the office would look into Thursday’s meeting between reporters in Trenton and the union president, David Jones, when he disclosed the information about Craig Carton, who is one of a half of a team on WKXW (101.5 FM) known as the Jersey Guys.

The NYT even had a quote from the Rutgers Law School:

Bernard W. Bell, an associate dean at Rutgers Law School in Newark, said such cases had to meet a high threshold in court.

“Generally, if disclosure of information is going to be punished, it will be because it’s obtained in a way that violated someone’s privacy,” Mr. Bell said.

IPBiz could not help but think of the "collateral damage" matter in the San Filippo / Rutgers case.

It's not clear whether or not the leak from the board is causing damage. The NYT said: Mr. Jones also said that broadcasting the postings caused arguments between commuters and state police officers, although a spokesman for the state police, Capt. Al Della Fave, said he had no information about such incidents.

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