Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Cha/Fertility & Sterility/re-publication matter isn't over

Issues related to the "duplicate publication" in Fertility & Sterility of previously-published material did NOT end with the retraction in April 2007. The interests of K.Y.Cha have engaged Kelvin Chia and Partnership, a Singaporean law firm, to follow-up on the allegations of defamation associated with the plagiarism dimension of this matter.

The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote: But in the end, plagiarism was ruled out because two of the authors on Dr. Cha’s paper were also authors of the previous paper. An associate of Dr. Cha’s in South Korea took responsibility for having the paper published twice, a spokesman for the journal said. The Chronicle made no analysis of the fact that the "previous paper" was based on results in Kim's thesis.

Major news organizations have not covered this story since the retraction was announced.

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