Monday, May 21, 2007

Athens Post publishes Matrka letter on OU plagiarism

The Athens Post published a letter on May 18 by Tom Matrka concerning the plagiarism matter at Ohio University [OU].

The first paragraph includes the text: Since I first discovered published student plagiarism and presented it to OU administrators in July 2004, President McDavis has carelessly passed on multiple opportunities to protect the credibility and value of an OU degree.

Matrka also wrote: Students and alumni are now forced to accept the fact that their degrees are no different than those of admitted cheaters.

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18 Air Force Cadets Exit Over Cheating - this along with the Dean of MIT "not having the courage to change her resume" to list NO Degrees at the time of hiring for the position and lying for 28 years while looking for student credentials for MIT enrollment seems to say more about society then repeated stories about Ohio University plagarism in Graduate thesis in which the university has taken appropriate thoughtful action in the review and individual sanctions.


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