Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another newspaper writer fired for plagiarism

In an odd switch, a writer for a commercial newspaper, Virginia's Gazette, was fired for copying text from a high school newspaper:

The Gazette published a report Wednesday that said Fuell included passages from Jamestown High School's student newspaper in a story with his byline published Feb. 10. [DailyPress, May 3]

Justice is swift, and typically harsh, for newspaper writers who plagiarize, but not so for Katie Couric and Harvard Law School professors.


Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

CBS News is tanking;
from AP:

It surely wasn't what CBS dreamed about when Katie Couric was hired: the "CBS Evening News" last week recorded its smallest audience since and probably many years before that.[since 1987]

It also didn't help that the average of 6.05 million viewers came at the beginning of the important May ratings "sweeps."

Meanwhile, ABC's "World News" recorded its widest advantage in viewership over NBC's "Nightly News" since the week Peter Jennings died in August 2005. The victory, ABC's ninth in 13 weeks over NBC, adds to the sense that Charles Gibson is eclipsing Brian Williams as the nation's favorite network news anchor.

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Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

S.I. Rosenbaum wrote in the St. Petersburg Times:

It was a kitty. Or maybe a squirrel. Either way, it was cute, and it was kneeling at a cute little bed, with a cute thought balloon over its head that said "Dear God, please make everyone die."

The image was pure Todd Goldman - the kind of ironic design that built his T-shirt company into a $90-million media business.

There was only one problem: Goldman didn't draw it.


Goldman, 38, has admitted copying Kelly's work, which he said was a mistake.

He and Kelly have reached a settlement, according to Goldman's press agency. But on the Internet, the public shaming continues.

Jim Benton, a fellow T-shirt designer, said Goldman's fans bought into his image as a creative, original artist.

"If you're in the business of 'clever, ' there's sort of a promise, a covenant: 'I promise to be clever, and you promise to love me and my cleverness, ' "

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