Monday, April 09, 2007

More on statement of Kwang-Soo Kim in Cha-gate

Further to the communication by Kwang-Soo Kim, the following comment is made:

There are at least two points in the Kim communication that bear scrutiny.

#1. The text --Given that the practice of publishing in both a non-SCI domestic journal and a SCI international journal was accepted by some in Korean, it is somewhat understandable that Dr. Lee followed this practice, although I think it was a terrible mistake-- implies that the issue is one of custom and practice in Korea. However, the journal Fertility and Sterility REQUIRES a statement that the material has NOT been published before. The material that Lee submitted to Fertility and Sterility had been published before and Lee knew it. There is no defense to this breach. [As a side point, which is of relevance to the CIRM grant to the non-profit Cha entity, it is not clear that Lee disclosed to Fertility and Sterility the existence of a Korean patent application covering the material of the manuscript.]

#2. Kim writes directly: Dr. Lee did credit him as an author in her submission of the manuscript to F&S. There seems to be disagreement about this fact, which should be readily resolvable by looking at the initial submission to Fertility and Sterility. One notes that being listed as an AUTHOR is not the same as being acknowledged. The author guidelines for Fertility and Sterility make a clear distinction between these two categories, so there is no excuse for confusing them.

As a minor point, I believe Kwang-Soo Kim works for Cha, not for Harvard, at this point.

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Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

For those who might be wondering, SCI refers to "Science Citation Index." Discussion about how journals published in "third world" countries make out was a hot topic ten years ago. For example, see Eugene Garfield's article in Current Contents in 1997. Separately, I touched on the topic in an article in Intellectual Property Today.

For the moment, note that the discussion in Cha-gate pertains to whether or not the material was published in a journal that is indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI).

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