Sunday, April 15, 2007

More on Purdue/Taleyarkhan business

Further to the discussion of the investigation of Purdue's bubble fusion, Andrea Thomas quoted Lefteri Tsoukalas: "There has been a most regrettable failure to protect the reputation of our great University in the scientific community. Those at Purdue who came forward with allegations of misconduct were ignored or viewed in a negative, if not punitive, way."

One recalls the fate of Margot O'Toole in the Baltimore/Imanishi-Kari affair.

Separately, Thomas did not mention the letter of Illinois professor Ken Suslick, and the role it played in Brad Miller's letter to Purdue's president.

Thomas quotes Joe Bennett: "Purdue has behaved appropriately and in good faith. This truth and the University's long-standing record of high integrity will assure that Purdue will continue to be respected."

But what answer is there to the failure to respond to Suslick's charge?


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