Thursday, April 19, 2007

Living with Google keywords...

As an example of the "life by keyword on Google lifestyle," note the following:

This is [XXXXX] from Assignment Zero, a pilot media effort by Wired and that's focused on producing a feature story from the collaborative work of editors and members of the public. The focus of our upcoming feature story is on how open source practices and strategies have been adopted and used by other industries, like business and media, and to what benefits. In early June we'll publish a written piece on that examines the many facets of crowdsourcing and, among those topics, will very likely be your project. The piece will be written by Wired reporter Jeff Howe but will be based from the collaborative work that took place on Assignment Zero. [IPBiz: Katie Couric, where are you when I need you; back getting your library card?]

I discovered your blog and know that you're generally interested in the Peer-to-Patent Project, which is also one of the issues we're investigating ( [IPBiz: yup, about as interested in peer-to-patent as in the 97% patent grant rate.]

If you click through you'll see the various related assignments, including interviewing Beth Noveck, talking with a patent officer, reaching out to skeptics and, last but not least, writing a piece about the effort.

For anyone still interested, the article How Does Solar Power Work?, which includes the memorable text:

As the protons of the sunlight beat down onto the PV [photovoltaic] cell they knock the neutrons off the silicon. The negatively charged free neutrons are attracted to the silicon but are trapped by the magnetic field that is formed from the opposing fields. Small wires on the silicon catch these neutrons and when connected in a circuit an electric current is formed.

has been viewed 23540 times. Will it be cited in "peer to patent"?


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