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Cha people plan retraction of KJOG paper [!!]

SWNEBR.NET has a post titled Row over study puts Korea's scientific community under scrutiny again which includes the text:

Dr Jeong Hwan Kim claims a paper about premature ovarian failure that he originally published in the Korean Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in January 2004 was translated and republished in the American journal Fertility and Sterility under a different title and with different authors in December 2005.

There is mention of possible legal action BY Cha AGAINST the editor of Fertility and Sterility:

But the BMJ has learnt that the editor in chief of Fertility and Sterility has been threatened with legal action by Dr Cha, and that one of Dr Cha's co-authors on the disputed paper, Dr Sook Hwan Lee, has been charged with criminal copyright infringement.

Dr Kim told the BMJ that the paper had begun life as his PhD thesis and that there were just two names on it when it was published by Korea University in May 2003. He then submitted this as a paper to the Korean Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in July 2003 with five additional names, including Sook Hwan Lee.

Californiastemcellreport had a post on April 8 including text from Kwang-Soo Kim, a person distinct from Jeong-Hwan Kim, the person whose Ph.D. thesis served as the basis for an article in the Korean journal, which was translated and copied into Fertility and Sterility.

A remarkable statement in californiastemcellreport is:

"We at Pochon CHA University believe the matter should be corrected, and Dr. Lee is planning to retract the first paper from the Korean journal. The paper's scientific integrity is without question and it should remain in F&S."

Dr. Lee is currently the defendant in a trial concerning her plagiarism (by publication in F&S) of the paper first submitted to the Korean journal !!!

An important point in the californiastemcellreport text attributed to Kwang Soo Kim is the repetition of the claim that Jeong-Hwan Kim was named as an AUTHOR in the initial submission to F&S:

Dr. Kim deserves authorship because of his partial but direct contribution, and Dr. Lee did credit him as an author in her submission of the manuscript to F&S.

There is no ambiguity about that assertion. Should it come to pass that Jeong-Hwan Kim was not named as an AUTHOR in the initial submission to F&S, it will call into question the credibility of Kwang Soo Kim, Cha, and Lee. Copies of the initial manuscript to F&S should be available from F&S and from Lee. "Let's go to the videotape," as Werner Wolf would say.

The text ends:

"Needless to say, the data and results produced from a lab are attributable to the principal investigator and the rightful, proprietary property of the sponsoring institution. The fact of the matter is that Dr. Lee was the principal investigator and director of the lab and all of the resulting data was attributable to Dr. Lee and the rightful property of CHA Hospital. It is also a fact that Dr. Kim took this data without anyone's knowledge or proper permission which was a huge violation of trust with Dr. Lee, the other researchers and the entire organization, as well as a serious breach of company policy and that of the implicit rule regarding research data and intellectual property within every research lab. I believe this is why he did not leave any contact information and could not be reached."

It is interesting to note that there is NO assertion of rights based on a contract between Kim and Cha.

The californiastemcellreport had included earlier discussion of the report in BMJ:

The BMJ article was written by Jonathan Gornall, who added details and new information to what already has been reported concerning Cha. Gornall wrote:

"Now, as the dispute escalates into a series of allegations and counter allegations, the editor in chief of Fertility and Sterility has been accused of defamation and threatened with legal action by Dr. Cha. However, the BMJ has also learnt that following an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office in Korea, Dr. Sook Hwan Lee, one of Dr. Cha’s coauthors on the disputed paper, has been charged with criminal copyright infringement. The dispute is a major embarrassment for the CHA organisation, which only recently hired Professor Kwang Soo Kim, a respected Harvard professor, to boost its credibility in stem cell research."


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