Saturday, March 24, 2007

Park fulminating on fusion, but what about Cha?

Further to bubble fusion, Bob Park wrote on March 23, 2007:

A second Purdue investigation cleared Taleyarkhan of misconduct. Now Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC), chair of the Science Committee's Investigations Subcommittee has requested a copy of the University's internal investigation reports.

Park does not talk about the Eugenie Reich business, but he ought to. Park mentions "two experienced physicists, Putterman and Suslick," although Ken Suslick and I both worked on our Ph.D.'s (as Hertz Fellows) in the Department of Chemistry at Stanford.

Of cold fusion, Bob Park wrote:

A few years ago, however, the bolder of the [cold fusion] faithful began to reemerge from the dark, giving papers at professional society meetings. They now prefer to call their field Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR),and they held a session at the APS March Meeting in Denver. Next week they will hold a session at the ACS Meeting in Chicago. Once again, there is a new experiment that is being hailed as proof-at-last. Who knows, maybe this will be the one.

Of wikipedia (and of possible relevance to peer-to-patent), Park wrote:

Could openness be extended to all knowledge? With Wikipedia, it seemed to work for a time, but for those who profit from a misinformed public, including purveyors of pseudoscience, the target is too tempting to leave alone.

Curiously, one thing that Bob Park did NOT write about were the misadventures of K. Y. Cha. CHA-RMI, which is scheduled to receive a $2.6 million research grant from the California stem cell agency [CIRM], is a subsidiary of a Korean enterprise headed by a scientist [K.Y. Cha] who seems to have plagiarized from the work of an employee. Park had written about the issues with Rogerio Lobo, Cha's co-author on the prayer paper, and Park had noted the problems with the plagiarism (although not naming Cha). Park has not noted that Cha, associated with one highly questioned paper and with one plagiarized paper, heads a company that is getting a $2.6 million grant from CIRM. Still on spring break, Bob? There might even be a patent issue here.

See March 22 post More on bad acts by K.Y. Cha in publishing science, related to CIRM's grant to CHA-RMI.

Bob Park, in addition to writing about the paper by Lobo et al. on prayer/IVF success, has written about stem cell issues. For example, on 12 Jan 07, Park wrote on WN: A Presidential veto will spare leftover embryonic stem cells from the indignity of saving human lives and allow them to be thrown in the garbage with their dignity intact. One notes that what is "left over" at IVF clinics is not embryonic stem cells. Leaving aside the quibble, it is interesting to note that when the co-author of a paper repeatedly savaged by Park is involved in a grant "for" embryonic stem cell research, Park is silent. Park immediately picked up on the Brad Miller letter, and Park picked up on the Cha plagiarism incident (involving a different paper by Cha).


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