Sunday, March 04, 2007

Joseph Root on Bruce Berman book

Beyond all the discussion of Innovation and Its Discontents, the Feb. 2007 issue of Intellectual Property Today [page 24] has a review by Joseph E. Root of a book edited by Bruce Berman.

Root suggests the subtitle should have been "How to stop worrying and learn to love patent trolls," a play on the sub-title of Dr. Strangelove. [Recall in Strangelove, although the subtitle was about learning to love the bomb, at the end of the movie, the bombs killed everyone. Will it be so with trolls?]

Root also states "the book should be seen as the moment when trolls came out of the closet and demanded respect," but asks "did Berman hit the jackpot or jump the shark?"

An earlier book edited by Berman was From Ideas to Assets: Investing Wisely in Intellectual Property, of which IPT had said: "[R]equired as reading and as a reference tool for any IP attorney, corporate CFO, IP manager, accountants, [and] institutional investors" (Intellectual Property Today, March 2002)

IPBiz had earlier discussed the book, Strategies For Settling Patent Litigation.

Separately, see IPFrontline for Making Innovation Pay, with a quote by Rivette:

"Bruce Berman has persuaded, arm twisted and otherwise cajoled today's most successful patent practitioners into telling their stories and allowing him to tell theirs. Until now, no book has discussed innovation in so resolutely clear-eyed, personal and practical business terms..."


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