Saturday, March 10, 2007

Google defends against patent infringement, and moves forward

Skyline Software Systems Inc. sued Keyhole in 2004, saying Keyhole's technology (on 3D mapping)infringed on a patent it obtained in 2002. Google bought Keyhole and used the Keyhole technology. Google prevailed on summary judgment.

Separately, Google has a published US application on a method for use of a phone which includes the text:

[0010] In another implementation, the method may further include receiving a search request, generating a search result, and providing the search result along with the dictionary data. The dictionary data may include data from documents relating to the search result. In addition, the dictionary data may include data corresponding to one or more areas in the proximity of the user location, which may in turn comprise location names.

[0013] In yet another aspect, a computer-implemented system for providing information indicative of probable usage of objects by the user of a data entry device may include means for providing documents associated with a user location and indicative of usage by a user or users, a concurrence rater to analyze the documents for usage data of objects in the documents and to generate associated concurrence ratings, and an interface to transmit the concurrence ratings to a data entry device. The concurrence rater may further analyze the documents for location data of the objects and generates concurrence ratings, and the concurrence ratings may be at least partially based on how far a location associated with the location data of the object is from the user location. Also, the concurrence ratings may be at least partially based on preferences of a user.

Is the Google ultimately going after the BlackBerry?


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