Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Taleyarkhan cleared of misconduct charges by Purdue panel

Of the Rusi Taleyarkhan business at Purdue University, the AP carried a story on 9 Feb. 07 titled: Panel Clears Nuclear Engineer. The AP report included the text: The internal university committee investigating the work of professor Rusi Taleyarkhan determined that the evidence does not support allegations of research misconduct and that no further investigation is needed, Purdue said Wednesday. The website newenergytimes has a list of links on the story.

IPBiz had noted in March 2006: The interesting thing about this flap is that it has been triggered by a story by a free lance reporter who published in Nature.

In the same time period, the same reporter (Eugenie Samuel Reich) also suggested improprieties by then-Caltech president (and Nobel Laureate) David Baltimore. In the subsequent year, nothing further has been said about the possible improprieties involving patents.

In December 2006, Reich had an article in the Boston Globe concerning bad acts by Oak Ridge workers Pennycook and Varela.

As a separate, but not unrelated, point, this author (LBE) criticized inaccurate statements by a different reporter (Eli Kintisch) in the journal Science, and published this criticism in 88 JPTOS 743.


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