Saturday, February 17, 2007

Re-writing history

A post on publiuxtx begins with the text: The Houston Chronicle has changed the online story that is now referenced by the following post, effectively whitewashing the journalistic sins of columnist Rick Casey with NO INDICATION they've done so. The date stamp on the current version backs up my assertion, as the original column appeared days before the stamp that column is carrying. Of course, I did keep a copy of the original column, which is quoted extensively in the post that follows, and I can share it with any interested party. I felt the need to add this note because I didn't want someone coming back later and saying my blockquotes didn't match the story.

One recalls a different re-write in the patent area: Internet Publishing: Online Today, But What About Tomorrow Or Where Have You Gone, 406,302?

Separately, various professors are re-writing the story of the Wright Brothers and of Thomas Edison.

Stuff like this is going to making future searching for prior art by patent examiners a true nightmare.


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