Thursday, February 15, 2007

On Crichton and Jaffe

Further to commentary on one op-ed by Michael Crichton in the New York Times, note commentary on a different op-ed by Crichton by Kevin Noonan.

Noonan notes: Dr. Crichton chooses an easy target as "bad guys" in his fiction: the oft-maligned patent examiners that he holds responsible for gene patenting. (...)
Dr. Crichton's attack is political, as is the bill introduced on Friday by Representatives Becerra of California and Weldon of Florida, which would ban gene patenting.


of the analysis of thoughts by Adam Jaffe on patent law which appears in IPFrontline, one IP professor wrote of Innovation and Its Discontents:

It's a polemical book; and, because written for lay people, somewhat over-simplified and over-stated. But the authors do state what many people think, especially those in the IT field.

Hmmm, we believe in the truth as we perceive it to be?


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