Monday, February 12, 2007

Four dead in Philadelphia shootings

In an incident reminiscent of the McKenna/Jackson shooting in Chicago, an investor in a Philadelphia company (Watson) accused company officials of theft, shot them, and killed himself. The gunman shot four people at a business at the old Philadelphia Naval Shipyard -- killing three of them -- before apparently committing suicide.

In Chicago, Joe Jackson had accused patent attorney Michael R. McKenna of theft, in the form of stealing his intellectual property. McKenna was in shared office space with a law firm. People at the law firm were killed. Some of these themes were repeated in Philadelphia (murder over accused theft, shared office space, deaths of people in business in the shared space, one shot person survived).

An update on NBC10 noted:

Watson International is an investment company, which is the basis of the dispute. Watson collected on an insurance policy on a flooded golf course and that appears to be the point of contention. The disgruntled shooter felt he should have been paid money.

Watson International is run by Robert Norris. Norris is a former New Castle County police officer. He was killed at the Tuesday meeting.

Watson shared office space with Zig Zag.

Mark Norris, the brother of Robert, was among those fatally shot at the meeting. State records show he was president of the marketing company Zig Zag Net, Inc. Their offices were located in Building 79 at the shipyard.

Last year, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce nominated Norris for small business excellence person of the year.



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