Friday, February 09, 2007

Arbor books to protect ghostwriting clients against plagiarism [!]

Noting the issue of ghost writer plagiarism, Arbor Books [Ramsey, New Jersey] issued a press release including the text:

Arbor Books, a provider of self-publishing, ghostwriting and marketing services, announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with BeaconOne Insurance to provide comprehensive protection for their ghostwriting clients against plagiarism.

Based on a survey of ghostwriting services and individuals conducted by Nexus Enterprises, Arbor Books is the only ghostwriting service firm to offer protection against plagiarism. In that survey, not a single firm or individual was able to produce any proof whatsoever that they carried errors and omissions insurance or any insurance protection against plagiarism, except for Arbor Books.

One notes that Dean Velvel, in a review of Judge Posner's book, had discussed certain issues of ghost writing, with or without included plagiarism. Velvel's take: contrary to Posner, the perpetrators of plagiarism and unacknowledged ghosting should be heavily punished, regardless of supposed likelihood of detection.

Separately, in a bit of irony, a site with text:

The problem of college kids cheating on their term papers is reaching epic proportions. Even though the penalties are high at the top colleges and Universities kids still cheat. Faculty and staff work hard to combat this problem and some schools have deployed massive software to scour the Internet to check against the term papers turned in, all term papers every where and the entire Internet.

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