Tuesday, January 16, 2007

PNC settles over Katz telecom patents

Under terms of a settlement with Katz Technology Licensing, Pittsburgh-based PNC will receive a nonexclusive license under a Katz-owned patent portfolio related to interactive voice applications. The license covers services offered by PNC Financial Services in the "Financial Services Call Processing" and "Automated Securities Transactions" fields of use.

The Katz and Kamil patents are well-known in the telecom area.

Year of the Tech Patent Lawsuit, Part 3 -->

"In DSU, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit finally resolved the open question of how much intent is necessary for a finding of liability for inducement to infringe," Barzilay stated, adding, "The Federal Circuit held that to be liable for inducement -- a common charge leveled by patent holders, particularly in cases involving software and method patents, such as the famous BlackBerry case -- a defendant must intend to cause infringement of the patent, rather than simply intend to cause the acts which happen to infringe."


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